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A complementary regional currency


MotherLodeGold (MLG) is a complementary regional currency administered by CalaverasGROWN, launched on August 13, 2020.   It takes the form of hexagonal wooden tokens that are worth 11 units each.  The tokens are crafted from local wood in a local solar powered wood shop. They carry a starting value equal to the US Federal Reserve Note (USD). I.E. One, 11 MLG token is worth $11.   MLG 11-unit tokens are currently offered for exchange at US $10 each.  So customers immediately receive a 10% bonus when they use it where accepted.  

Why MotherLode Gold?


The purpose of MotherLodeGold is to incentivize investment in our regional economy, cultivate a resilient, unified community and mitigate the impacts of the current socio-economic crisis.  Complementary currencies have been used throughout history to bolster regional economies, mediate national currency shortages and weld neighborhoods into communities.  MotherLodeGold has the potential to be a key element in accomplishing these goals right here in our Mother Lode Region.  The socio-economic crisis facing our rural community today is unprecedented and at CalaverasGROWN we are working overtime to bring our long-term visions for a thriving community to reality.

Anyone can buy MotherLodeGold.   An 11-unit MLG token costs $10, vendors accept MLG 1:1 with the US dollar.  MLG is only available from CalaverasGROWN and must be purchased using cash USD (MLG cannot be purchased with any form of electronic payment).  

MLG up close.jpeg


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