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Butte Fire Recovery Fund


The 2015 Butte Fire scorched 71,000 acres of land in the Mokelumne and Calaveras River watersheds.  Of this land some 53,000 acres is privately owned, for which there is little government assistance available for controlling erosion.  The fire burned so intensely that, in many areas, it laid the soil bare to the eroding effects of the winter rains.  This is the soil which sustains and supports the forest.  In addition, this soil and the ash currently sitting on top of it are primed to pollute the Calaveras and Mokelumne rivers along with the reservoirs that millions of downstream residents and agriculturalists rely on.  


CalaverasGROWN has taken a lead role in controlling erosion on private land, while in the process also providing hope to some of our County’s most negatively impacted residents.

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