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Calaveras County is tucked away in the foothills between Yosemite and Lake Tahoe and offers a variety of locally grown agricultural products available to the community and visitors. Our wide selection of products and services creates a diverse market and experience. You will find farm & ranch stays, fresh fruits and vegetables, wine, olive oil, honey and livestock products including eggs, poultry, goats, lamb, beef and textiles.

You will find farm & ranch stays, fresh fruits and vegetables, wine, olive oil, honey and livestock products including eggs, poultry, goats, lamb, beef and textiles.

CalaverasGROWN’s mission is to protect and enhance the quality of rural life in Calaveras County.

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2016 Emily Polinsky (CHS) and 2016 Kelly Baird (CHS)

Each year CalaverasGROWN awards two $500 scholarships to seniors.  The requirements are to write an essay on a designated topic and attend college.

By clicking on their name you can read the essay.  Essay Topic for 2016–The Butte Fire scorched 71,000 acres of land in the Mokelumne and Calaveras River watersheds.  Of this land some 53,000 acres is privately owned, for which there is little government assistance available for controlling erosion.  The fire burned so intensely that, in many areas, it laid the soil bare to the eroding effects of the winter rains.  This is the soil which sustains and supports the forest.  In addition, this soil and the ash currently sitting on top of it are primed to pollute the Calaveras and Mokelumne rivers along with the reservoirs that millions of downstream residents and agriculturalists rely on.  CalaverasGROWN has taken a lead role in controlling erosion on private land, while in the process also providing hope to some of our County’s most negatively impacted residents.  
      On a separate piece of paper please submit a typed essay, 500 words in length, on the following:
Describe at least four reasons why it is important to control erosion on private property in the wake of the Butte Fire.

Our Recent Producer Member:  Lori Sievers from Mountain Ranch

Calaveras Fresh Market in July 2016 Features–in the process of being updated

CalaverasGROWN Certified Farmers Market–July 13, Wednesday, 4-7 pm.  Location:  Calaveras Master Gardeners Demonstration at the Government Center in San Andreas off of Mountain Ranch Road


ALL NATURAL, SUPER PRIME AMERICAN WAGYU BEEF from Nakagawa Ranches (209)754-5550  We are now accepting orders for its 5th annual beef sale!  Please visit to check out this year’s exciting lineup!  Quantities are limited.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and RELATED PRODUCTS–Winner of a Gold Metal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition and won a Gold Metal certificate from the California Olive Oil Council blind tasting in Monterey
 from Winter Creek Olives (209) 772-2738

Certified Organic-Pasture raised Chicken and Duck eggs available for sale.  Madrone Coast @ Rancha Terra Bella. Call # 209-728-8757 for more details.

VEGETABLES & FRUITS–summer squash, cucumbers, plums, peaches, pears, apples, berries, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, walnut meats. fruit leathers, honey, wine, garlic, onions, basil, flowers, veggie plants.  Soon to come will be heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, peppers of all kinds,  melons, okra, chard, beans and more.  Metzger Farms call 754-1010

GRASS-FED BEEF Orvis Cattle Company.  Call for details (209) 559-2122 and if you are looking to purchase a smaller amount of our beef, you can purchase Orvis Ranch Grass-fed Beef at Sierra Hills Market in Murphys and Angels Food Market in Angels Camp.

HONEY–Local Pure Honey  Kriletich Family Farms (209) 772-1604


EXTRA VIRGIN TUSCAN OLIVE OIL from Three Ponds Olive Oil. California Olive Oil Council certified.  Visit our website ( or call 650-814-1230.

TRADITIONAL SICILIAN and SPICY SICILIAN OLIVES (pitted) for sale.    Now available in Grocery Stores, Winery’s and Gift shops around the county!  Beaudoin’s Olive Products

5 10-week old AMERICAN GUINEA HOG piglets, 2 gilts and 3 barrows, for $75 each.  Also we’re selling our 2-year old boar for $250. Hytterrud Farm  (209) 747-3696

A wonderful assortment of HERBS, WILDFLOWERS, TOMATO PLANTS ETC.   All ready to plant now.  For a complete list that is available now Available March 31, 2016    Wild Geese Garden Herbs (209) 754-1140

SURI ALPACAS, skirted fiber and handmade items available for purchase. Moonlight Alpacas 209-786-5060


Community and Forest Recovery

This program began by providing hope for our community in the form of erosion control.  Now we are working on educational programs and gearing up for tree planting and forest thinning work this coming autumn.  The donors consist of individuals, community organizations, businesses, foundations and government entities.  Thank you for donating….you have made this program possible. 

CalaverasGROWN is transparent, accountable and local.

We appreciate the support of our Sustaining Level Sponsors


Mark Bolger          Michael Ray          Rimrock Farms, Inc.
Alan & Linda Rogers



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